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June 16, 2020

2020's popular home design trends

A few months at home may have you looking around and needing something more. Whether it’s a move toward a more productive space that inspires work or one that brings the family closer together, these 2020 popular home design trends have a solution for everyone and Alvarez Construction Company can help you find the right one for you. 

#1 Request: Home Offices

When the pandemic started, many offices transitioned to remote work to minimize the effects. It was the right move, but it left a lot of homeowners scrambling to clear an appropriate space in their home to focus on work and show on the occasional conference call. Dining room tables and living room couches were not cutting it. 

A flexible space like an extra bedroom is the perfect solution allowing you to optimize it as an office as long as you need or keep it as a permanent solution for quiet homework and hobby time. 

#2 Request: Storage Space

Americans started stocking up early on non-perishables and paper goods, but did you have the foresight to plan where you would put them? Many Alvarez homes already include a walk-in pantry that can help you stay organized and well-stocked between grocery trips. 

Large closets and other built-in storage throughout the home are high on the list as well. Is it time for your family to move up?

#3 Request: A Place for Family

The last few months have been especially difficult for families kept apart due to health concerns and social distancing. Naturally, distance has made the heart grow fonder in many scenarios and made people think about how to best take care of each other moving forward. 

The housing market was already on a path toward more multigenerational offerings and according to a 2018 study by The Pew Research Center 64 million Americans are already living this way. That is 20 percent of the population and the highest level since 1950.

A multigenerational home ideally includes a second master suite with bedroom and private bathroom that fits a recent graduate moving back home or in-law joining the household. Either way, they will want some privacy.

#4 Request: A Healthier Home 

Between diseases and seasonal allergies, there are a lot of threats we think about outside our homes. But have you considered what follows you inside? 

New homes help combat this with airtight construction and technologically-advanced features like our whole-home air filtration system. Alvarez Construction Company installs hospital-grade MERV 16 filters in every new home to keep you breathing easy all year round. 

If any of these requests struck a chord or started the wheels turning, give Banessa a call. She can help you find or build your dream home in the Baton Rouge area. 

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