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Alvarez Construction wants you to come home to a place that isn’t just beautiful and comfortable, but safe.

We’ve raised the standards in Louisiana for smart, healthy, and energy-efficient homes—because we want to protect every aspect of your investment, which includes the most valuable one: your family.


Cleanse the AirIncluded Feature

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value—or MERV—measures an air filter’s effectiveness, starting with MERV 8. The higher the MERV, the better the filtration. We insist on the MERV 16 air filter with our homes’ air filtration systems, the same filter used in hospitals where hygiene is critical. We install these filters in the unit, not at the air returns, to maximize filtration.


Relax in ComfortIncluded Feature

We take extra steps to insulate your home. Plate seals along the exterior walls and house wrap prevent air leaks by creating a strong envelope. Low-E vinyl windows and radiant barrier roof decking provide thermal balance—keeping the exterior temperatures from impacting the interior.


Save Energy and MoneyIncluded Feature

Our new homes are built to the highest standards for energy efficiency. Conserve electricity and water with systems, appliances, and fixtures that are designed to minimize their carbon footprint. We install 16 SEER HVAC, a 50-gallon gas quick recovery water heater, and superior insulation.


Enjoy a Worry-Free Water SupplyIncluded Feature

Copper is no longer the gold standard in plumbing. Once the lead was removed from the solder, copper pipes were prone to leaking. We use the more durable Wirsbo PEX tubing. The material expands as needed and returns to its original shape, so you don’t have to worry about burst pipes.


Your Investment is Protected

As perhaps the single biggest investment you’ll ever make, your home requires quality construction methods, materials, and craftsmen. Alvarez Construction Company is a family-owned business—now in our 2nd generation—with a long-standing heritage of quality, responsibility, and commitment to our customers. Talk to us at Alvarez Construction Company, so our family can give your family a healthy home.

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