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Build Smart

Wi-Fi-enabled appliances
security camera
smartphone-connected security system
minimal carbon footprint
specially insulated


Build Smart Menu

For convenience, safety, security, and comfort, Alvarez Construction Company is thinking “smart” when it comes to building your home.

Smart technology has revolutionized households so you can see and control your home’s systems and appliances from your smartphone, wherever you are.


Boost Your Home’s IQIncluded Feature

Alvarez Construction provides a smart home management hub with self-contained wireless security—ready to keep all your smart devices and systems connected with you, wherever you are.


Safe and SecureIncluded Feature

Your new Alvarez home provides peace of mind, using the latest smart home technology. We include an Qolsys smart home security system and an turret security camera. You can keep an eye on your home—who’s coming and going—from the app on your smartphone.


Get CookingIncluded Feature

Make your time in the kitchen a breeze with the GE Smart Range, now included with all new homes. Use remote start to easily turn the oven on and off and set the temperature with just a few clicks. Enjoy hands-free control with voice commands and get reminders when your meal is ready. With the ability to send multiple cooking instructions to your oven at once, even complex meals are a breeze. And with Frozen Bake, you can set the temperature and cooking time with pre-programmed settings and just keep your meal warm until you're ready to eat. (These features are not available in Dawson Bluff Townhomes, Lake Villas Crossing, and Highcroft Townhomes).


Better DetectionIncluded Feature

Stay on top of one of the most important safety tools in your home: the smoke and thermal detectors. Alvarez Construction homes are equipped with smart devices that send an alert to your smartphone or smart hub when there’s a possible problem or the battery is running low.


Smart Temperature ControlIncluded Feature

You no longer have to manually adjust the temperature in your home. With the Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat installed in the homes we build, you can save energy and keep your home comfortable. The app not only controls the heating and cooling cycles, but learns your temperature preferences and automatically adjusts to them.


Your Smart Builder

We never stop seeking ways to improve, and we welcome your ideas, suggestions, and questions. Our lasting success comes from your lasting satisfaction. Contact Alvarez Construction Company to start on your smooth path to homeownership.

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