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Construction Process

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Stage One Pre-construction and Permit Application

You’ve made the big decision.

  • Building Agreement is signed, and now just a few more choices will start you on the path to homeownership.
  • You will make all exterior and interior color and material selections.
  • Our construction team will request all required building permits.
  • The lot is cleared of sod and any trees.

Stage Two Foundation

Plotting, plumbing and pouring.

  • Foundation formwork is laid out as per plot map and construction plans.
  • Foundation will be inspected by our land surveyor in order to confirm measurements and placement.
  • Rough plumbing is installed and inspected.
  • The form is trenched and all the structural components are installed.
  • Foundation is inspected by the city inspectors and by our quality control team.
  • Foundation is poured.

Stage Three Framing

Your house and your dreams begin to take shape.

  • Lumber is delivered.
  • Our carpenters frame all walls, ceiling joists, and rafters and build all window and door openings.
  • Roof decking is installed, and it is covered.
  • Window and exterior doors are installed.
  • Exterior trim and siding is installed.
  • Fireplace is installed.

Stage Four Interior and Exterior Rough

The interior starts to take shape. Many inspections ensure everything is done just right.

  • Heating and air conditioning rough-in is completed.
  • Plumbing top out is completed.
  • Electrical rough-in is completed.
  • Cable, phone and alarm wiring are installed.
  • Asphalt shingles are installed.
  • Framing, mechanical, plumbing and electrical is inspected by the city inspectors and by our quality control team.

Stage Five Interior and Exterior Finish, Part 1

Finishing from top to bottom.

  • Insulation and poly seal are installed.
  • Drywall is installed and inspected by our quality control team.
  • The walls and ceiling are textured after the drywall is taped and sanded.
  • Cabinets are installed.
  • Interior doors, crown molding, baseboards and closet shelving are installed.
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Leslie & Banessa Sales Team

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