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Construction Process

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Construction permit application for a new home

Stage One Pre-construction and Permit Application

You’ve made the big decision.

  • Purchase Agreement has been signed and you are on your way to path to homeownership
  • You will meet with our New Home Design Specialist to make exterior and interior color and material selections on the home.
  • Our construction team will request all required building permits.
  • The lot is cleared.
Foundation for a new home in a Baton Rouge community

Stage Two Foundation

Plotting, plumbing and pouring.

  • Foundation formwork is laid out as per plot map and plans, then it is surveyed.
  • Rough plumbing is installed and inspected by the city inspectors.
  • The form is trenched and all the structural components are installed.
  • Foundation is inspected by the city inspectors and then the concrete is poured!
Framed house by Alvarez Construction Company

Stage Three Framing

Your house and your dreams begin to take shape.

  • Lumber is delivered and our carpenters frame all walls, ceiling joist and rafters.
  • Roof decking is installed and covered.
  • Windows, exterior doors, exterior trim, siding and fireplaces (community specific) are delivered and installed.
Homebuyers meeting with the builder

Stage Four Interior and Exterior Rough

The interior starts to take shape. Many inspections ensure everything is done just right.

  • Heating and air conditioning rough-in is completed.
  • Plumbing top out is completed.
  • Electrical rough-in is completed.
  • Cable, phone and alarm wiring are installed.
  • Shingles are installed.
  • Framing, mechanical, plumbing and electrical are inspected by the city.
Tradesperson installing crown molding in a new home

Stage Five Interior and Exterior Finish, Part 1

Finishing from top to bottom.

  • Insulation and Drywall are installed.
  • The walls and ceiling are textured after the drywall has been taped and sanded.
  • Cabinets are installed and counter tops are measured.
  • Interior doors, crown molding, trim and the closet shelving are installed.
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