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March 27, 2023

9 Tips To Get Your Home In Shape This Spring!

Here are some tips for preparing your home for spring:

1. Clean your windows: Winter can leave your windows dirty and streaky. Clean them inside and out for a brighter, more inviting home.

2. Change air filters: With the warmer weather comes pollen and allergens, so it's important to change your air filters to ensure good indoor air quality.

3. Declutter: Spring is a great time to go through your belongings and donate or sell items you no longer use. This will not only make your home feel more spacious but also help those in need.

4. Get your HVAC system serviced: Before the warm weather hits, make sure your HVAC system is in good working order by scheduling a professional service.

5. Check your smoke detectors: It's a good idea to test your smoke detectors and change the batteries if needed to ensure they're working properly.

6. Check for leaks: Check your plumbing for any leaks that may have occurred during the winter. Repairing leaks now can save you money on your water bill and prevent more serious damage later on.

7. Clean gutters and downspouts: Winter weather can leave debris in your gutters and downspouts, so make sure they're clean and clear to prevent water damage to your home.

8. Give your yard some attention: Spring is the perfect time to give your lawn some TLC. Mow the grass, trim hedges, and remove dead branches or plants.

9. Add some color: Add some bright, fresh colors to your home by switching out dark, heavy curtains for lighter, brighter ones, or adding some colorful throw pillows and blankets.

Following these tips can help make your home feel refreshed and ready for spring.

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