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June 29, 2018

Alvarez Team Celebrates “Take Your Dog to Work Day”

Pets are a calming influence, so what better place to have your four-legged friend than at work? A variety of canines recently tagged along with their human companions and spent a day in our Baton Rouge office as the Alvarez Team celebrated “Take Your Dog to Work Day”.

Alvarez Construction Company’s Human Resources Director, Banessa Petty, organized the event that was held on Friday, June 22. “Take Your Dog to Work Day” is an annual event held the Friday after Father’s Day. It was launched by Pet Sitters International in 1999 to build awareness of animal rescue and promote shelter dog adoption.

Banessa and her husband, Matthew Petty (our Online Sales Counselor), share their lives with two dogs. They adopted Oliver, a three-month-old Yorkie, over Memorial Day weekend this year. He came to work with Mojo, the Pettys’ 7-year-old Chihuahua, a dog they rescued a few years ago.

The day also saw the reuniting of Corgi-Blue Heeler siblings that were adopted by two Alvarez Construction Company team members. Purchasing Manager Katie Miner brought Jax, who hadn’t seen his littermate since they went to their new homes. Stacy Durham, Alvarez Construction Company’s Customer Service Representative, adopted Jax’s sister, Merry. It was wonderful to see the joyful reunion of the two Corgi mixes at our office.

Stacy, a true dog-lover, also came with Pippin, his Schnauzer/Chihuahua. Our crew welcomed Bentley, a Labrador Retriever who accompanied Megan Carter (Cost Estimator) and Dash, the friendly Dachshund of Celeste Lofdahl, our equally friendly Office Coordinator. These well-mannered pups were pampered with treats from our group.

Each person bringing their dog hung a sign outside their office with the name of their companion and any helpful information for approaching the dog (shy, playful). We all enjoyed having these happy helpers here for the day. And it showed a different side of our colleagues (like who spoils their dog the most!).

Although TYDTW is celebrating its 20th year, Alvarez Construction is a newcomer. Still, dogs are not an uncommon sight in our offices. Dogs come with their pet parent when they need medical supervision or have a veterinarian appointment because the company supports the need for work-life balance.

“It’s a family business, and the owners are really understanding about our lives,” Banessa says. “It’s nice to know that they care not only about me, but also about an extension of me.” Banessa says this will be an annual event from now on. Her dogs give it a four-paws review!

When you’re searching for your own work-life balance, it might be time to find a new home. Take a look at our new homes around Baton Rouge and the desirable communities we build. Then talk to Matthew Petty about your plans and ideas (and be sure to ask him about Oliver and Mojo).

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