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December 20, 2021

Home Design Today and What We Expect to See in 2022

As 2021 comes to a close, the team at Alvarez Construction wanted to provide a look into the home design trends that were popular this past year—and give some insight to what 2022 might bring. New Home Design Specialist Tracie Carroll offered lots of useful information that is sure to inspire the new homeowners we welcome into our thoughtfully designed Alvarez neighborhoods in the coming year. 

Neutral, cozier kitchens  

When it comes to kitchens, Tracie said most homeowners prefer sticking to a neutral palette. Pure white kitchens or black and white were popular in 2021, and she expects that trends to continue into 2022. Colors are also leaning more warm-toned than cool-toned. This neutral palette makes it easier for homeowners to be flexible with their decorating, and really gives them the option to change up the aesthetic of their kitchen in a more frequent and cost-effective way. For pops of color, about half of homeowners opted for different-colored upper and lower cabinets or a mismatched island. 

While granite has been the most popular counter option for years, Tracie saw many homeowners opting for the quartz upgrade recently and believes it will dominate kitchens in 2022. Quartz is more durable and easier to take care of, but it’s also more uniform in color and pattern—no slabs that surprise you, unlike granite. 

As people spend more time in their homes, they want to invest more into the kitchens of their new-construction homes. Tracie noted many homeowners upgraded to a more gourmet kitchen, with a vented hood, pot filler and built-in microwave in the island. 

Upgraded bathroom options

Homeowners were also quick to select an upgrade for their bathrooms. Instead of the standard selections, Tracie said about 80 percent of people opted for a fully-tiled shower in their master bathrooms, as well as an acrylic tub with a tiled wall above it in guest bathrooms (as opposed to a fiberglass insert). 

Additionally, Alvarez Construction introduced a frameless glass shower door in their master bedrooms. Tracie expects this to be a popular selection in 2022. 

Wall colors offer a blank slate

Just like in the kitchen, homeowners were looking for more of a blank slate throughout their home when it came to wall colors. White walls are still the most popular selection, offering a clean and crisp slate that really adds to the modern look of the home. Some homeowners with young children thought about shying away from white, but Tracie noted it’s also the easiest color to touch up—so it’s still a solid option for families. 

Warm-toned flooring

The industry predicts that warm-toned colors will dominate interior design in 2022. While Tracie agrees that warm tones are becoming increasingly popular for Alvarez buyers, she says they typically select it for their flooring finishes instead of the wall colors. 

At the beginning of 2021, gray flooring was extremely popular—but now she’s seeing most selections rotate between three of the warm colors of luxury vinyl plank flooring. 

Speaking of luxury vinyl plank, over half of homeowners opt to upgrade to this option. Tracie says it’s popularity is due to it’s durability—as LVP is waterproof and extremely scratch resistant. Carpeting is a very personal choice, but Tracie noted that the new year will bring a carpet upgrade with a lower pile that’s easier to keep clean and less prone to wear and tear. She predicts this new option will be very popular for families in 2022. 

Exteriors tend to vary  

Much like the kitchen, about 30 percent of Alvarez homeowners lean toward an all-white exterior with black accents—black garage doors, lanterns, front doors and trim. This lends to a more contemporary look, as the black accents really pop against the white-painted, contemporary architecture style of our homes. 

The other 70 percent, however, is extremely varied. Tracie said that the exterior home is often an emotional part of the design process for buyers. People in the area are usually very connected to their families and childhoods, so they want to design their home similar to the house they grew up in. It gives them a way to connect emotionally with a new space, and connect to what they’re familiar with. 

This can play out in a few different ways. Red brick accents are becoming more popular for a stately or colonial look. The warm tone-trend is making its way outside, with warmer colored painted brick. 

Design a home you love with Alvarez Construction

No matter what style of home you’re looking for, the experts at Alvarez Construction can help make your dream a reality. Tracie and other team members are constantly looking at trends, evaluating what our buyers are choosing and providing options that are up-to-date with what today’s homeowners are looking for

If you’re looking for a new-construction home in some of the most sought-after locations in the greater Baton Rouge region, browse our inventory of new-construction homes or let us know what community and floor plans you’re interested in. Contact our team online or give us a call at (225) 240-4662 for more information.

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