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September 29, 2020

International Coffee Day: Tips on crafting the perfect brew from home

Whether you order it milky and sweet or plain and bold, it can be hard to recreate your favorite coffee without the help of your neighborhood barista. In celebration of International Coffee Day, we want to walk you through some tips to getting coffee shop-style drinks from the comfort of your Alvarez Construction home. 

Select your style 

Knowing what type of coffee to buy, equipment to invest in and accessories to choose all depends on the final product you hope to achieve. What kind of coffee is your favorite? Are you looking for simple drip coffee, espresso-based drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos, or refreshing cold brew? Once you decide on a preferred method (or two), you can start the journey toward your perfect cup of joe. 

Establish your equipment 

In addition to your preferred type of beverage, choosing the right equipment can also depend on the amount of effort you want to put into your coffee routine. If you’re looking to grind your own beans fresh every morning, then you’ll obviously need a grinder—or purchase pre-ground coffee and skip that step. 

Next comes your actual brewing options. Classic coffee pots are affordable, readily available and user friendly. A few big-name brands make espresso and coffee machines that are compatible with certain pods, containing pre-ground beans. The pod-based machines come in a wide range of styles, prices and capabilities, so do your research and make your selection based on what’s important to you and the other coffee-drinkers in your family. Looking for a machine that’s compatible with both espresso and coffee pods? Need a technology-driven system that only requires a few smart screen taps to take the guesswork out of your beverage? There’s plenty of options out there. 

For manual brewing, the current hot-ticket items are french press and pour over systems. Both use hot water and filters to create fresh coffee with minimal waste, and have similar processes and end results. As with the machine selection, you can find different styles and quality of these pieces for any price point.  

To end up with cold brew or iced coffee, there are specific systems designed to perfect the process and steep your grounds for optimal flavor. If you’re looking for a quick fix, you can also stick whatever hot coffee you have leftover in the fridge. 

Elaborate with extras 

What makes coffee-shop creations so enticing are usually the extras: milks or creamers, syrups and other fun toppings. This is where you get to be creative and in control of your flavors. If you’re looking for the foamy finish of a latte or cappuccino, be sure to invest in a milk frother. Whether it be a standalone device or a small, handheld whisker, it really goes the extra step in elevating your coffee at home. Frothers can be used with whatever liquid you prefer: milk, half-and-half, coffee creamer or plant-based alternatives. Recreate your favorite drinks with syrups and sauces, which can be purchased online or at your favorite grocery store—or make your own

Trust the experts 

If your coffee game isn’t as strong as you hoped—or you’re looking to support small, local businesses—we asked Alvarez employees where they go for the perfect cup of joe. 

“I like CC’s because it’s local and they have the best king cake lattes.” - Celeste Lofdahl

“I prefer Magpie down by the LSU overpass. Their coffee tastes amazing and isn’t bitter. They serve it in actual mugs and make the coolest designs in the froth.” - Denise Kinchen

Light House Coffee, hands down. I love how cozy it is and the lemon lavender cold brew is the bomb!” - Shyro Poullard

You rely on the experts to make your coffee or inspire your home brews—now it’s time to trust the experts to build your home. If you’re not quite happy with your current setup, maybe it’s time to consider a change. To learn more about the available new construction homes around Baton Rouge, contact Alvarez Construction today.

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