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Making the most of your backyard
June 21, 2021

Making the most of your backyard

Even though they are often overlooked in home design, backyards have a lot of potential for personalization. For some, it might become a grand entertaining space with frequent guests gathered around a fire pit. For others, it might be a quiet retreat with a garden and plenty of room to stretch out and read. Or, it might be filled with laughter and smiling children playing in the sun.

If you are still undecided on how to style the space, follow these tips from Alvarez Construction Company on making the most of your backyard this summer in Baton Rouge.

Add to your garden

When Alvarez Construction Company starts building in a new community, we bring Baton Rouge’s Flora Landscape Contractors LLC to help design our shared spaces and individual lots. Their expertise in residential and commercial landscaping, concrete, grading, and drainage pairs perfectly with our home plans to make beautiful homesites throughout the region.

Flora pours foundations, driveways and patios, then landscapes the front yard for eye-catching curb appeal. Generally, we leave the backyard clear for you to landscape in your own style. Homeowners have taken a number of approaches there from colorful flowers to containers of kitchen herbs that enhance their cooking. Yards are fenced in and ready for planting with fresh sod laid before you close.

Make it family-friendly

If you have children or grandchildren home for the summer, your backyard is a great place for them to run off energy and absorb some Vitamin D. Start with simple elements like swings, a slide, and a sandbox or even a backyard playset that combines all three.

Depending on their ages, it could be a fun weekend project to have the kids help you plan the space that caters to their hobbies. A few popular choices we have seen include a hammock or comfy chairs for reading and screen time, a soccer goal for quick pick-up games, or badminton that involves the whole family. Then, add some subtle storage where sports equipment can be stored away from curious pets.

Cook for a crowd

Nothing says summer quite like a cookout and it is easy to make your backyard into a favorite stop for family and friends. Start with a grill - gas, charcoal or both - and design around it leaving enough space to keep conversation away from your guests. For seating, consider a few different options like chairs around a table and freestanding options near a fire pit. This will allow the evening to flow from food to cocktails and conversation seamlessly.

Lighting is important too, especially if you are planning to party later at night. String lights and solar lights are popular options to keep walkways safe.

Alvarez Construction Company builds in new home communities in and around Baton Rouge. For more information about our smart and healthy construction, call (225) 240-4662 or contact us.

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Meet The Alvarez Sales Team
July 20, 2021

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