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October 3, 2018

New Construction Home Building Process: 8 Simple Steps to Homeownership

Buying a new home that’s already built is great—when you find the perfect one. But what if that home represents more of a compromise than you hoped? Do you really want to invest in something that will need remodeling or updates, and the time and money required to do them? Maybe you should think about building a home instead of a resale. The new construction home building process is an exciting way to get the home you want. Alvarez Construction Company guides you through 8 simple steps on your path to homeownership.

Step 1: Choose Your Home

Tell us what you want in your home, from the style you envision to the features that matter. We’ll show you a portfolio of new home designs and photos, and take you through a model, either virtually or a physical tour, if one is available. We’ll discuss any changes you want.

Then, you choose the homesite to build on. We build in communities in Baton Rouge and the surrounding towns. You might also want a lake view or a corner homesite, so we’ll work closely to find you the perfect place.

If you’ve already been pre-approved for a mortgage—which is highly recommended before you begin your new home search—we sign the building agreement.

Step 2: Picks and Permitting

Meet with our Design Center professionals to choose all exterior and interior finishes. Decide on colors, styles, features, and components, like flooring, countertops, and fixtures.

Then we submit applications for all of the necessary permits. Once those are received, the crew heads to your homesite!

Step 3: Laying the Foundation

Because you’ve chosen a homesite in one of our communities, the land is already excavated. The only additional preparation is cleaning up and removing any trees.

The foundation forms are placed and checked by our land surveyor to make sure it meets the plan.

The plumbing is roughed in, meaning the pipes are placed where they need to be prior to construction continuing.

Once our quality control team has evaluated the progress, the city inspectors check the work so far. With their approval, we pour the foundation, floors, garage, and porches.

Step 4: Framing Your Home

Alvarez Construction Company’s carpenters construct the frame for the walls, subfloors, ceiling joists, rafters, and openings for doors and windows. You can see your dream taking shape here!

We install the roof decking, followed by windows and exterior doors, and then backfill around the foundation.

Step 5: The Rough Stuff

“Roughing” refers to installing the basics of your mechanical systems: heating, air conditioning, air ducts, electrical wiring, and plumbing. We connect electric, water, gas, and cable to your home, too.

The building inspector returns to check our work.

Step 6: Closing in on Completion

There’s a lot of activity happening in this phase. Insulation is applied, including seals to prevent air leaks. Drywall is applied, followed by ceiling and wall texture. Door and window trim is added. Tile and wood flooring is laid down. Cabinetry is installed, followed by countertops. Our carpenters also hang the interior doors and add baseboard and crown molding. And then we paint!

Outside, your driveway and walkway is poured. The exterior is painted and the exterior brick and stucco is applied.

Step 7: A Fine Finish

We’re down to the final details. Carpet, appliances, and plumbing and lighting fixtures are installed. We add all the door, cabinet, and bath hardware.

The HVAC pros install the air conditioning condenser and thermostat.

Your home’s exterior receives a second coat. The sod is installed. All utilities are turned on. Your home is in working order.

The cleaning crew then makes everything sparkle.

The building inspector returns for a final look, but even before that, it’s time for the toughest inspection: Ours! Every detail of your home is examined in depth so that when you enter your home, it’s truly complete.

Step 8: Welcome!

Before closing on your new home, we conduct a personal walk-through. During this homeowner orientation, we’ll show you how to operate everything. You’ll learn what switch turns on which lights, how to change the air filter, and where to find anything from the water supply shut-off valve to the circuit breaker for your jetted tub. We’ll give you the owner’s manual for each appliance and system and review our own new home warranty. If you find anything you need fixed, we’ll make a punch list and handle it before you move in.

Following this homeowner orientation, you’ll close on your brand new home, take the keys, and start a new life!

Our goal at Alvarez Construction Company is to make it as easy, fun, and fulfilling as possible for you to get the home you want and deserve. As a local homebuilder, we build new home communities in Baton Rouge and the surrounding cities and towns. When can we get started building yours?

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