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Alvarez Construction Organize Bathroom
August 13, 2019

Tips to Organize Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the space that everybody needs and uses, but no one wants to take responsibility for the upkeep. There’s the basic bathroom etiquette to be followed, of course (seat down and change the roll, people). In addition, clutter finds its way into the bathroom and if it’s not brought under control, this space can be a messy nightmare. Alvarez Construction Company can help you can keep peace and order with these tips to organize your bathroom.

Start with a healthy purge.

Utilitarian spaces—like the kitchen, closets, and garage—tend to be a general gathering place for clutter. Don’t know where to put something? Just toss it there. Worry about the mess later.

Any good organizing effort begins with clearing out the clutter that has accumulated in drawers and cabinets. Empty everything in the bathroom. Start with the medicine cabinet and discard all expired medications, vitamins, and supplements. Most of them should be flushed down the toilet, while others should be safely disposed of in the trash. Here’s a list from the FDA.

Next, empty all the drawers and cabinets to see what’s lurking in there. Throw away the old cleaning supplies. Sort out the beauty products and get rid of anything that is partially full, not necessary, and/or unlikely to see the light of day anytime soon. If you don’t use it frequently, you probably don’t need to keep it.

Take everything out of the linen closet. You probably have sheets and towels that you haven’t used in months or years. Consider donating usable linens to a local animal shelter or a charitable organization that helps people restarting their lives.

Do you have a supply of travel-sized samples, like soap and shampoo? You can also donate these to a homeless shelter, or make up a basket of helpful supplies for guests to use. Whatever you do, don’t allow your inventory to keep growing!

Restore storage order.

Now that you’ve eliminated a significant amount of clutter, it’s time to create a bathroom organization system. Insert a utensil organizer in each drawer to avoid a free-flowing mess. Use the compartments to separate things like nail clippers and files, dental floss, bandages, combs, and other small items.

Organize some of the items that clutter your countertop by putting them in decorative baskets, apothecary jars, or other more visually appealing containers. For those that you use daily, place the basket on a nearby shelf. Others can be tucked into a cabinet. In this way, just pull out the basket when you need something, rather than sifting through a crowded mess.

Baskets can also be attached to a bathroom wall to create a cubby or shelf. Or try your hand at crafting a simple bathroom wall organizer from mason jars, clamps, and a piece of wood.

Do you have a variety of bottles in your shower? Eliminate them by attaching a shower dispenser to the wall. They come in various sizes and colors, and are more attractive than those unsightly bottles.

Children’s bathrooms might seem impossible to keep organized. Give it a try by creating those storage spaces they need. Attach a mesh bag to the tile wall of the tub, so you can stash their bathtime toys. 

Once you’ve finished reorganizing the bathroom, what other spaces need your attention? If you’re discovering that there’s just too much to do to make this home your ideal space, maybe it’s time for a bigger change. Take a look at the communities of affordable, single-family homes that Alvarez Construction Company is building in cities and towns around Baton Rouge. You can choose your site and floor plan to build a new home with Alvarez or explore our great selection of new construction homes for sale that are move-in ready now. Let’s talk about giving your life a well-deserved refresh!

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