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Wheels to Succeed

Child with new cycle from Wheels to Succeed and Alvarez Construction Company, LLC

Philanthropy on Wheels

In May 2007, McMains Children's Developmental Center partnered with Tiger Cycling Foundation to form a new program called “Wheels to Succeed.” Under the direction of program founder Ashley Leach, a cycling enthusiast and physical therapist, Wheels to Succeed grew tremendously in just a few years’ time. It has developed into an ongoing fundraising program in which all proceeds go toward purchasing adapted three-wheeled cycles for children with physical disabilities. With help from local cyclists and Alvarez Construction Company, the program has raised tens of thousands of dollars.

Since the first Adapted Bike Demonstration day in June 2007, Wheels to Succeed has provided dozens of children with adapted bikes. They host several events throughout the year, both to raise funds and to provide community events in which children can use their bikes. Families often use Wheels to Succeed as a local resource for questions on adapted bikes. Their network of sponsors and partner organizations continues to grow, and they are grateful for the support of many local businesses and foundations.

Children with disabilities often miss out on social and physical activities that most of us take for granted, like riding a bicycle. Most children with disabilities sit back and watch their siblings or friends play freely outside on bicycles in the neighborhood. With the use of adapted three-wheeled cycles, children who may not even be able to walk have the opportunity to ride a bike with friends and family members.

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