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Living room interior design trends
January 24, 2023

5 Interior Design Trends for Your Home in 2023

If the past few years have taught us anything it’s that you never know what the future holds. Each new year comes with so many wonderful things to look forward to as well as things we can’t wait to leave behind. When it comes to a new Alvarez home, you can expect a beautiful, quality-crafted home with features that fit your everyday life. You can also expect interior design trends that will inspire your new home in the new year. Some trends remain popular from past years, while a few new ones will emerge in 2023. We thought we’d take a look at some of the most popular home decor trends!

What Are The Home Decor Trends to Consider in 2023?

Few places reflect our shifting sensibilities more than our home interiors. After years of minimalism, people today are embracing personality, eccentricity, and color. Here is a sampling of the most popular home decor tips from industry experts.

The calming effects of nature & greenery.

It’s no surprise that people are wanting to bring the calming effects of nature into their homes. Whether that’s the addition of indoor plants or including natural elements and materials. You can achieve this look by simply going outside and snipping branches and adding them to earth-toned vessels. Consider pieces and decor with natural materials such as bamboo, pinewood, stones, and plants.

Unique statement pieces.

A good statement piece will always be on trend. In the new year, experts have a few different options for what items you should consider, such as vintage furniture and oversized mirrors. Rugs create balance in a room, but can also be an eye-catching work of art that makes a space stand out. You’ll also see lamp shades with traditionally-applied fabrics and patterns (even ceramic shades) becoming popular.

Arches and architectural flourishes.

Changing the structure of a home’s design can add a little extra something to a space. Arches will become a big trend that brings classic timelessness and softness. Whether it's part of a hallway or a living space, an arch instantly elevates a room. You may even see some inspiring architectural changes to door frames, trim, and ceilings. Anything that adds character or depth to a blank canvas.

Gold fixtures.

While black finishes remain a popular choice, more people are leaning towards warm versus cool tones. That means gold will be the way to go. Just a few accents of gold can add a touch of luxury without looking gaudy. And there are so many shades to choose from - rich aged brass, soft muted gold, textured antique gold… the list goes on!

Wellness rooms.

Self-care. Mindfulness. Decompression. Yoga. Meditation. With people still spending more time at home, a flex room or any spare space can be turned into a wellness room. A very popular trend that could replace home gyms, these dedicated rooms may feature plenty of natural light or sound-proofed walls, providing much-needed relaxation and an area to escape.

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