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August 13, 2018

Back-to-School Home Organization Tips

Summer is almost over. The first day of school is looking on the horizon. The stores are filled with school supplies. While you’re shopping for the the new wardrobe and everything your kids need, there’s one more thing you can do to start the school year right. Prepare your home for the year ahead, for the hectic schedules of school, sports, activities, and deadlines. Alvarez Construction Company has back-to-school home organization tips that earn high grades from homeowners.

Start clean.

At the end of the last school year, your family’s students brought home all the books, papers, binders, and supplies that they had collected in their desks and lockers. Where did it go? Probably all over your house. In addition, the summer added more clutter and disarray, right? Before you pass out all the new clothes and supplies, launch a cleaning mission.

Instruct each child to de-clutter. Put a large box in the middle of each bedroom or cluttered space. Tell them to start by putting everything school-related in the box. Just pile it in there—don’t ponder each one.

Bring those boxes to your main living area where you can monitor the sort-and-toss chore. Put a trash bag in the center of this activity and make a game of discarding last year’s leftovers and deciding what’s worth keeping.

You’re not done yet. Let’s tackle the clothing.

Is your child’s bedroom overflowing with clothing, shoes, socks, and various accessories? How many of those still fit or are still what they would consider stylish? Purge the closets, the dresser drawers, and the underbed mess. Clean and donate any items that another child would welcome.

When your child’s room is clean and tidy, take a photo. Keep that on hand to remind them what their room should look like!

Set up a storage system.

When school is back in session, parents juggle schedules of assignments, after-school activities, practices, meetings, social events, and all the other obligations that can clutter your mind. Before you send them off to day one of a new school year, prepare yourself and your home.

Start with the family control center. Hang a dry erase or chalkboard somewhere everyone can see it, like the mudroom. A calendar wall decal is also a good option. Below the calendar, place cubbies where your students can stash their stuff as they come in.

You can label bins, baskets, and boxes to make sure they put things where they belong. Install hooks beside the calendar for them to hang coats and backpacks. If you have space in your mudroom, a hall bench with cubbies is a great investment in home organization.

Promote good study habits.

Sitting on the couch or at the kitchen table may not be the best place for your kids to do their homework. These temporary spaces require them to pick up and move, which can lead to misplaced assignments, notes, and other necessary study items. Instead, establish a study station in your home. It’s a place where they can—and should—leave their schoolwork.

A desk with plenty of storage—like wall shelves, bookcase, cubbies—provides an area to sit down, focus, and get their work done. Prevent wandering by keeping the printer, school supplies, and after-school snacks within reach of the study station.

Does your home support your students? Are you feeling cramped even after decluttering? It might be time to talk to us at Alvarez Construction Company about making the move to a new home. Our communities of single-family homes for sale near Baton Rouge represent a wide variety of styles and sizes, from just under 1,500 square feet to more than 2,500 square feet of fully appointed living space. As a third-generation homebuilder, we understand what you need. Please contact us to discuss the many opportunities available to you.

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