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Alvarez Construction Area Rugs
July 11, 2019

How to Choose the Right Area Rug

Wood floors are trending now, particularly with so many options, like hardwood, wood-look tile, and luxury wood vinyl. An area rug is an ideal complement to your wood floors, particularly with the perfect pairing. Not sure how to choose the right area rug? Alvarez Construction Company has some rules of thumb.

What’s the right size for an area rug?

That’s a Goldilocks issue. You don’t want a rug to be too small for a room because it will dwarf the space. Picture someone wearing long pants that are too short. It’s awkward.

At the same time, when an area rug is too large for a room, you lose the contrast that is created by the floor underneath it. Your floor should provide a frame around the rug, allowing the rug to act as the centerpiece that it is intended to be. Plan to provide 10 to 20 inches of the floor to be visible once you lay down the rug.

Where do the legs go?

If you’re looking for an area rug for a living room—or any space where furniture is touching the edge of the rug—aim for placing the front legs of the furniture on the rug and the back legs off of it. Of course, if you have smaller chairs opposite a sofa, you can place them entirely on the area rug, which allows them to blend with the rug, instead of defining the border. 

This doesn’t apply to situations like a rug under your dining room set. You want to have enough room—at least 2 feet—around the chair legs so that whoever is sitting there doesn’t have to tangle with the edges when moving their seat back and forth.

Can I use more than one area rug in a room?

Absolutely! An area rug provides a focal point in any space. In an open floor plan, feel free to get creative. You can use a rug to define an area, like a reading nook or office area. And remember, they don’t have to match. It can be visually appealing to use different patterns or colors, as long as they work with a consistent color palette.

How can I use an area rug with my carpeted floor?

An area rug could be the perfect accent in a carpeted room! Layer it over a section to provide a splash of color or pattern. It’s a great way to break up the monotony of the carpet. Look for an area rug that provides contrast, both in color and texture, like a tufted rug.

I love a specific rug, but it’s too small for the area.

We can’t help who or what we fall in love with, right? If the rug is exactly what you’ve been looking for, layer it over a larger, neutral one that provides coverage without battling your cherished area rug’s artistry.

How big of a rug do I need in my bedroom?

You should allow enough room around the perimeter of your bed so that you can step on the floor without your toes touching the edge. About 12 to 18 inches should be sufficient, but feel free to go larger if the size of your room allows. Avoid having the rug sit under edge furnishings, like your dresser.

If you want a rug in your bedroom but not under your bed, consider putting smaller runners on each side.

Need help with other design problems? The Design Center at Alvarez Construction Company has a team of creative experts who guide homebuyers through every detail, including flooring choices. We want every aspect of your new home to fit your vision and enhance the joy of living there. Explore our gallery of new construction homes throughout the Baton Rouge area, and then contact us to find the right home for your favorite rug!

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