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September 5, 2018

How to Use Your Bonus Room

What would you do with an extra room in your home? Everyone could use more space, right? We asked members of the Alvarez Construction Company team for their ideas about uses for a bonus room. Here are some suggestions to spark some inspiration for how you use the space in your own home.

Home office came up as one of the most common answers. With so many people working from home—either full- or part-time—having a dedicated space to do business is a real plus. Close your door to avoid distractions and when you come out, leave your work behind.

A library or study is desired by people who want a quiet place to read, write, and ponder. You can also assign this as your home’s “homework station” if you’re willing to share your space with the students in the household.

Would you like to keep the toys out of the living room? Use the flex room as a playroom. Add cubbies for organizing and stashing everything at the end of the day. Set up a play table and a shelf for books.

Hobbyists love the idea of a craft room where they can keep everything together. Packing up supplies and works in progress is a real deterrent to creativity. A studio or workshop with a work table, cabinets, and shelves lets the artist/artisan/crafter/hobbyist focus on the fun part, not the unwanted chore of setting up and taking down their tools and materials.

Are you committed to an exercise or fitness regime? Designate your bonus room as a home gym or yoga studio. Install the right flooring to accommodate heavy workout equipment and weights. A sound system is also a smart addition to stream music as you engage in your favorite form of fitness.

Who says a man cave must be in the basement or garage? Convert the bonus room to a space that only a man can truly appreciate. A pair of comfy chairs (ok, recliners), coffee table, television, game station, a small fridge, and a poker table make for a great escape.

A guest room is a good idea if you have frequent overnight visitors. If you need it only on occasion, consider placing a sofa bed or futon in the room. Then choose one of the other uses on this list and furnish it accordingly so you don’t waste a perfectly good bonus room!

While you’re dreaming about that flex room, take a look at Alvarez Construction Company’s floor plans. For example, the 2,014-square-foot Ashburne home design offers 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a bonus room. The Lotus in our new Ironwood Estates community includes 4 bedrooms, so it’s easy to convert one to the bonus room use of your choice. Take a look at our communities of single-family homes for sale near Baton Rouge and then contact Matthew Petty to find the one that will take you from dreaming about a new home to living in one.

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