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A woman planning out her New Year's Resolutions and how her new Alvarez home can help her achieve her goals.
January 5, 2022

Let Your Home Take the Lead on Your New Year’s Resolutions

Entering into a new year brings about the desire to refresh your perspective on life, and when the clock struck twelve on New Year’s Eve, it was officially time to begin the highly anticipated tradition of creating your New Year’s resolutions. At Alvarez Construction, we know it can sometimes be tough to keep up with the goals we set for ourselves—so this year, we’ve decided to let you in on a few ways your Alvarez home can help ensure you achieve everything you wish to accomplish this year. 

Make your hobbies a priority

Bonus rooms have made quite the difference in our work from home world, but office space is only one function that you could use these areas for. Having additional space within your home offers up a wide range of activities that you could use the room for—perfect for cultivating your hobbies this year. Whether you turn it into an art studio for painting, a home gym for your indoor workouts or a library so you can read more in the new year—having a bonus room in a variety of our Alvarez floor plans will enable you to put your hobbies first this year.

Take advantage of your kitchen

Whether your New Year’s resolution includes eating healthier or simply eating out less than you might have in 2021, our Alvarez kitchens are the perfect place for you to bring out your culinary genius. With floor plans including GE stainless steel smart appliances, spacious corner pantries and a large island to prep all of your meals—soon enough you won’t remember the last time you ordered in. The best part about meeting a goal you set for yourselves is sharing that joy with someone you love, so don’t forget to invite your friends and family over for a dinner party to celebrate your cooking success. 

Healthy homes—happy wallet

Saving money in the new year may be at the top of your resolution list—and if that’s the case, we have you covered. Our Alvarez homes raise the standard of healthy homes in Louisiana—saving you money, but more importantly, ensuring that the health of your family isn’t something you’ll have to worry about in your home. With included features such as a top-of-the-line air filtration system (the same one used in hospitals), plate seals along the exterior walls to prevent any drafts from entering your home, ENERGY STAR appliances to conserve electricity and water and a gold standard plumbing system—we work hard to create a healthy home for you and your family (and your wallet) to enjoy.

Enjoy some luxury every now and then

Sometimes, the best New Year’s resolutions include taking some time to rest and relax—and what better way to do that than a trip to the spa in your very own home. The master suites created in our design center feature stunning master bathrooms with dual vanities, tiled walk-in showers and garden tubs for you to take a much-needed break whenever you’d like.  

If you’re ready for a new place to call home this year, take a look through our communities, available homes and floor plans and give us a call at (225) 240-4662 to begin the journey to your dream home.

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