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June 20, 2018

Selecting the Perfect Kitchen for Your Family

The kitchen isn’t just the place where you cook meals and do the clean-up. It’s the social center of the home. The kitchen is the room where you check in with family members, organize your day, plan the activities, post reminders, maintain shopping and to-do lists, grab an energy boost with morning coffee, shuffle guests, and struggle with deciding on one menu to satisfy various appetites. Selecting the perfect kitchen for your family can be a challenge, but with help from Alvarez Construction Company’s interior designer, we have some suggestions.

Follow the flow

First and foremost, a kitchen must be efficient. The three kitchen zones—refrigerator, sink, range—form a triangle because your main tasks have you running between the three. You should keep them in close enough proximity so you’re not spending more time walking than actually preparing, cooking, and cleaning. As a rule of thumb, the total distance (the sum of the three) should be no more than 26 feet.

Determine your premium real estate

The kitchen countertops can be productive space or the receptacle for everyone’s miscellaneous papers—from mail to homework. When designing a kitchen, accept the fact that you might need to designate space for certain functions.

Create zones on your countertops—a catch-all storage space for papers, a coffee station, and maybe a baking prep area for a stand mixer and the utensils you use. By considering how you use this prime real estate, you can better allocate it. This kitchen planning also helps you determine the design and placement of cabinets and task lighting.

Estimate the sharing space

How many cooks are in your kitchen? Are you a solo chef or do you welcome helpers? With a busy household, make sure you have enough room for people to navigate one another in the kitchen—like the person mulling over the contents of the open refrigerator with a cook bouncing from pantry to fridge to sink and stove and the family dog seeking out the food dish, all at once.

You have a lot of choices to make when selecting the right kitchen. Every detail impacts the others, so review your options with a design professional, ask questions, and try to envision your kitchen as the sum of all of the tasks.

We recently built the 2018 St. Jude Dream Home for the giveaway, and the kitchen is a real stunner! Take a look at the photo gallery.

Alvarez Construction Company builds communities of new homes around Baton Rouge. We can guide you through every step of the planning process, so you move into a new home that fits you perfectly.

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