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January 15, 2019

The Most Popular Design Center Upgrades in 2019

Have you ever decided to buy something big, like a new car, and suddenly notice all the new cars on the road? It’s called “selective retention” when we pay attention to those things that are on our minds. The same happens when you’re shopping for a new home. You drive around and notice details—the color of a home, the style of the front door, and placement of the windows. You probably also look at home improvement shows and find more details that match your taste and spark your inspiration. Alvarez Construction Company homebuyers are no different. When they’re deciding on the many choices to personalize their home, our designers look at the photos they’ve brought and help them pull it all together. Here are some of the most popular design center upgrades we see coming in 2019.

Upgrade the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so we spend a lot of time looking at the many details—from the countertops and backsplash to the light fixtures and cabinet hardware. Cabinets really define the kitchen so it’s important to choose the color and door style carefully. 

Granite remains the most popular material for kitchen countertops. It’s naturally beautiful and durable. Some homebuilders consider granite to be an upgrade. We include it and offer a nice array of colors. Quartz has been gaining ground as a countertop material, due, in part, to its low maintenance. Quartz doesn’t need to be resealed and is less likely to crack or chip than granite. This engineered stone looks natural, but includes 3 to 5% resin that binds the ground quartz. We offer quartz countertops as an upgrade in our homes.

Kitchen islands continue to be popular. We include this as a standard feature in most of Alvarez Construction Company’s floor plans

One of the most popular kitchen upgrades is extending the upper cabinets to the ceiling. This extension creates an uninterrupted line. We often finish it with crown molding at the ceiling. That detail is like a picture frame, defining the boundaries of the kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen backsplash gets a lot of attention these days. Go from subtle to dramatic, rustic to contemporary, by choosing the color, material, and pattern. In addition to many choices included as standard, we offer a variety of upgraded kitchen backsplashes to give this space more, well, splash!

We’re also getting requests for pull-out drawers. They’re often easier to access than cabinets, and you don’t have to dig around to the back to find those items you only use once in awhile. A pull-out trash and recycling bin is a great kitchen upgrade!

Styling your bathrooms

Just like kitchens evolved into more design-focused spaces, bathrooms have grown into a balance of form and function. From a powder room to a master bath, details matter. 

One of the most requested bathroom upgrades is a seemingly small detail that delivers a powerful impact. Switch from the large mirror to a wood-framed mirror. Choose the style and color that matches your style.

Think about how often you use your shower. Isn’t it worth it to make it extra-special? You can also turn your shower into a spa-inspired space with a custom tile surround in the color (or colors) and style you like. The combination can convert your overall bathroom from conventional to sleek, earthy, retro, or whatever style suits you. Then, finish it off with a rainfall shower head. 

Take your options outside

Think outside the box—or rather, the home. A concrete patio is a popular design upgrade at Alvarez Construction Company. We frequently expand this area to 12’ x 12’ at the request of our homeowners because they enjoy spending more time outdoors, enjoying the view of their yards and sitting under the stars on a clear, Baton Rouge night. 

What design details have been catching your attention lately? Take a video tour of our homes, look at our design center offerings, and talk to us about moving to a brand new home in a friendly neighborhood. We build in and around Baton Rouge, and many communities qualify for 100% financing with the USDA home loan program. The home of your dreams is within reach. Let’s make it happen!

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