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Alvarez Construction Company Health Well-being at Home
July 9, 2019

Find Your Health and Well-being at Home

Your home is your haven—not just an escape from the world beyond, but a place where you can feel safe. You should also be able to find your health and well-being at home. Today’s homebuilders—especially Alvarez Construction Company—are investing time and resources to ensure that your home gives the environment you need.

Wellness has become a major concern for people around the country—and the world. Global wellness has grown to an estimated $2.7 trillion industry. A recent U.S. government study reported that Americans spend 69% of their personal time in a home and just 8% outdoors, so focusing on your home’s contribution to your health should be a major concern.

The 2014 Houzz Healthy Home Trends Study presented the results of surveying 808 U.S. homeowners. Only 60% considered their homes to be “healthy”. Newer homes are believed to be healthier than older resale homes, which is probably the truth, since new construction incorporates systems, materials, and processes that have advanced dramatically over the past decade. 

The Healthy Homes Work Group, a government agency, identifies these components as essential elements of a “healthy home”:

  • Dry: Moisture is a breeding ground for mold, mites, and insects, like roaches. It also contributes to decay.
  • Clean: Cleanliness reduces the exposure to contaminants, like dust mites, allergens, insects, and rodents.
  • Pest-free: Having rodents and insects take up residence in your home causes health risks.
  • Safe: Your home should be a safe environment where you minimize the risk of falls, burns, and exposure to dangerous materials.
  • Contaminant-free: The indoor air quality inside a home is 5 times worse than the outdoors. Indoor air can be contaminated with lead, radon, carbon monoxide, dust mites, second-hand smoke, pet dander, and chemicals found in paint, furniture, wood products, cleaning solvents, and air fresheners (including scented candles).
  • Well-ventilated: Homes have become so tightly sealed against leaks that they need to incorporate an effective ventilation system to circulate healthy air.
  • Thermally controlled: Maintaining the proper temperature inside a home contributes to better health.

As a local homebuilder serving the Baton Rouge area, we continue to explore ways to build homes that provide protection and comfort for the families living there. When we build a healthy home, we provide a strong foundation for well-being. Here’s what we do to ensure you can trust that your home is giving you a healthy environment:

  • A whole home air filtration and purification system is a standard feature in every home we build. 
  • We install a MERV 16 air filter in the system, the same type that is used in hospitals. The MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) reflects the filter’s efficiency. A MERV 8 rating is the lowest, and is considered “good enough” by some builders—but not Alvarez Construction Company.
  • Our homes are well-insulated with a variety of systems and materials, including low-E vinyl windows, house wrap, and radiant barrier roof decking, to resist the impact of outdoor temperatures on your indoor environment.
  • We’ve upgraded the plumbing to Wirsbo PEX tubing, the new gold standard, to provide safer, more durable pipes.
  • Moisture-resistant drywall is installed behind all bathtubs and showers, preventing the dampness that leads to mold and other damage to your home.

You can move to an Alvarez Construction Company home, where you know you’re protected, both with our building practices and builder’s warranty. Take a look at our communities of new construction homes, floor plans, and our move-in ready homes for sale in Baton Rouge and the surrounding cities and towns. Then contact us to learn more, so your next home gives you the health and well-being it should.

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