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March 10, 2021

Meet the Construction Team

At Alvarez Construction Company, we say we build more than just homes. We build communities for families around Baton Rouge. 

The common theme, as you probably noticed, is “build” which means we would be lost without the dedicated men and women of the construction team. 

These talented individuals help plan and produce each home you see and in our busiest year yet, they more than rose to the challenge.

‘Alvarez Construction Company is THE WINNING CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM for building residential communities by constant improvement of efficiency, quality and charity,” Chief Operating Officer Sebastian Alvarez said. “We create a happy and healthy homebuilding experience for our customers and team.”

This is the second installment of our “Meet the Team” series following this blog from October featured the purchasing team. Familiarize yourself with the entire Alvarez Construction Company staff on our updated Meet the Team page.

Eric Anderson - VP of Construction

As the Vice President of Construction, Eric Anderson oversees all of our housing developments from the pre-construction phase to the day you receive your keys. He brought more than 25 years of experience into the position which has helped us streamline business and grow in his time here. 

Alvarez Construction Company broke ground or plans to do so on three new communities this Spring and is set to close out three more. 

Kathryn Cannon - Construction Project Specialist

Kathryn Cannon has paved her own path in three years with Alvarez Construction Company holding a handful of different titles before landing on Construction Project Specialist. In this position, she makes sure we stay on deadline. Kathryn also uses her personal experience with a bachelor’s in Natural Resource Ecology and Management to inspect and review projects to keep us in compliance with environmental regulations.

Cindy Shockey - Quality Control Manager

Three years as a home inspector gave Cindy Shockey invaluable experience that she brought into her role as a quality control manager for Alvarez Construction Company. She now uses those keen senses she developed to ensure that every home we build meets and exceeds expectations throughout the Construction Process. This includes our Smart and Healthy Home features.

Dylan Verret - Estimator

Dylan Verret is a wizard with a calculator helping our team to determine project costs to give our buyers an accurate estimate before we start building. He keeps track of individual material costs like lumber and roofing so that we can continue building high-quality affordable homes for our neighbors across Baton Rouge.

When you are ready to start building your dream home with Alvarez Construction Company communities, call Leslie at (225) 240-4662 or Contact Us to schedule an appointment. Our experienced team will help guide you through the Construction Process for a worry-free homebuying journey.  

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